Including A Junior Bridesmaid In Your Wedding

Including A Junior Bridesmaid In Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a very important event in your life and in the lives of your family. A modern wedding not only blends together the lives of the bride and groom, often it blends together other family members. This creates a challenge for the couple who want their children to know that this day is the creation of a new family of which they are very important. Of course, including the children in the ceremony.

Young girls are often made a flower girl and little boys are often made ring bearers. But what about the children who are too old for those positions and not old enough for adult roles? This is where a junior bridesmaid and junior usher comes in.

They are not just there for decoration

Pre-teen children are very astute. Do not dress them up and then not give them a role to play in the ceremony. They should be dressed in age-appropriate clothes that are very much like those of their adult counterparts. They should be given responsibilities and praise for their efforts.

Service with a smile

Set up a beautiful candy buffet. This is the latest trend in weddings. You can have a wedding cake too if you want the photo ops. The candy buffet is a sweet way to let the juniors serve guests. They get a lot of attention and it is fun for them to fill candy bags or boxes for guests to take home. You can easily purchase the candy and supplies at a candy store online. This saves time and money and the candy is shipped right to you.

Give them the spotlight on this special day. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Have the children (together or separately) perform a dance at the reception. There are great costumes and dance supplies available. The dance outfit should match the music they are dancing to.
  • Allow your junior bridesmaid hand out programs at the door
  • Your junior groomsman can assist in seating guests
  • Have them man the guest’s book
  • They can be included in the vow exchange. (The parents make vows to them.)
  • Give them instant or disposable cameras and let them take pictures. After the wedding they can be given a photo album as a thank you gift for their photos. (They may get some great shots when no one is expecting it.)
  • Have them help with the cleanup
  • They can pass out confetti, bubble, or rice packets.

It is not just a wedding

When there are children involved, a wedding is the beginning of a brand new life for all members of the family. No one person is more or less important than anyone else. While it may take some effort to include the junior bridesmaid or junior groomsman in the ceremony, there is no better way to show them their significance in the family.

Your wedding is a beautiful way to make a public statement of your commitment to each other. There is no more beautiful way to express your joy as a family than to include everyone that this union effects. When the day is done, everyone steps into a new world, together, as one.