How to Incorporate Flowers in Your Wedding

How to Incorporate Flowers in Your Wedding

Flower crowns are nothing new, but lately, many brides are choosing to ditch the traditional veil in favor of flowers in their hair. Though most popularly associated with hippie culture of the late 1960s, the flower crown is a surprisingly versatile wedding accessory for the modern bride.

Size, color, and type of flowers all play into the finished style of every crown, allowing the freedom to customize them to a specific wedding vibe. Because of this, flower crowns can be elegant or rustic, soft and romantic, or a joyful punch of color. Here are five ways to introduce the perfect flower crown to your wedding.

Go Bright

To wear a flower crown as a statement, pick bright colors and voluminous blooms. Big flowers like garden roses, peonies, and lilies will stand out among other types in the crown, while flowers that come in a variety of colors like anemones, carnations, and gerbera daisies can create a whimsical and unique look. If using colors in pinks, reds, or purples, coordinating the flowers with a lip color is another way to tie the whole look together.

Stay Soft and Sweet

For a flower crown that has a softer, romantic feel, look for flowers in pastel colors and creamy whites and ivories. Traditional wedding flowers like spray roses and baby’s breath make for quieter, simpler crowns, especially when nestled in greenery, and may appeal to brides who want something more traditional or low-key.

Put Your Bridal Party in Blooms

Why stop with the bride? Adding flower crowns to the bridesmaids’ wedding day wardrobe can create an even dreamier look for the bridal party – but if there’s concern about overshadowing the bride, there are plenty of ways to set her apart from the rest. Some brides stick with leafy laurels for their girls’ crowns and save the flowers for themselves; others just choose flowers in different colors.

Give Your Flower Girl a Crown of Her Own

A halo of flowers nestled on a head of curls can lend an angelic touch to the smallest member of the bridal party, and she’ll love matching the adults with her own pretty crown.

Adorn Your Animal Friends

If a beloved pet is taking part in the big day, flower crowns or collars are a sweet way to dress them up for the ceremony.